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About Us

Roaring Wastes is modernly located throughout Wayne and Monroe counties and portions of Oakland and Macomb counties in Michigan.

If you're brand new to the SCA, or have just moved into the area from another region of the country, here are some quick tips to help you locally. You do not need to buy a membership to attend local meetings, craft sessions or practices. Many of our activities take place informally at members' homes, so watch for specific announcements. We wear clothing of the middle ages at major events, but rarely at local meetings or craft sessions. Meetings of our Barony occur each month at 8 p.m. at Cana Lutheran Church in Berkley. These business meetings are held on the FIRST Wednesday of the month, and are not costume events.

Marshaled Practices are a great informal place to meet us, even if you're not a combat participant. Check out the Calendar for practice details.

If you're from the Downriver area or West Side, you'll want to check the Brackendelve canton meeting schedule -- meetings are held in Dearborn.
There's always something going on informally here in Roaring Wastes, as well, whether it's craft nights, armoring sessions or just plain gabbing. From beekeeping to swordsmithing and winemaking, we can hook you up with individuals who have intense interest and great knowledge! See the forums here or on (an open discussion forum based here that involves people from around the world) for more information. Please feel free to send us an email ( if you have specific questions.

All of us are eager to welcome potential new members, and to get you involved in our doings. Welcome, and well met!